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Welcome to Sidi Osho Foundation

Poverty has been shown to be on the increase in Nigeria and other African Countries where the population has been estimated to be living below poverty level is over 70%. All the Sectors of the economy are affected by this poverty level.

Sidi Osho Foundation (SOF) , is a non-profit, non-faith based and non-governmental organization, that is committed to the growth of human development, alleviation and reduction of poverty in Nigeria and Africa, through initiatives that will improve the living standards of women, youths, families, communities and especially the less privileged.

What We Represent



Description - Interlocking Human Beings which means unity,, performance, cross organizational relationships, clear focus and the show of power. Apart from promotion of friendship, connecting and together building communities, nations and ensuring sustainability. The Color Red is the color of action, inner power and strength, optimism, connectivity and social activity. While the Yellow color is the brightness of the Sun and creativity, it stimulates the mind and encourages good business acumen


The Logo denotes good health and growth and vitality, a healing color with sense of generosity and compassion and the cultivation of trust, respect and integrity.



Our Recent News

 Report of The Education Summit Held at The Polytechnic Ibadan. 14th April, 2015

Report of The Education Summit Held at The P…

The Sidi Osho Foundation (SOF) a non- for –profit and non-faith-based organization was established to promote and contribute to human development... Read more

Sidi Osho Foundation Launches Her New Official Website

Sidi Osho Foundation Launches Her New Officia…

Sidi Osho foundation launches Her New Official Website Read more


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About Us

Vision: To provide a world of equal opportunities for families, women, communities and youth through empowerment for the realization and maximization of their potentials towards a better future....[+]read more

Our Office

No1 Sunflower, Northern Foreshore, Chevron, Lekki. Nigeria

Website: www.sidioshofoundation.org
E/Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: +234-706-892-7364

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